The main entrance for Macht Medical Group/Harbor Physical Therapy is located at 575 South Charles Street. Once inside, take the elevators to floor 2. Our suites are found directly off the elevator (Macht Medical Group is on the right and Harbor Physical Therapy is on the left). Please note that these directions are only for the main entrance of the building and do not apply if you are coming through the parking garage entrance.

To enter through the parking garage entrance, Macht Medical Group/Harbor Physical Therapy is located in the Harbor Court garage at 30 East Lee Street. Parking is attached to the office building and is covered (great for those rainy days!). It is best to park on Level 3 since the Harbor Court Office Building entrance is located off that floor (please note, Level 3 of the parking garage is the same as Level 2 within the office building).

To enter the garage entrance for the Harbor Court Office Building, please enter our suite number 200 or 201 into the call box (do not enter any other buttons). You will be prompted to open the door to enter the building.

Please note, if you see a sign noting the garage is full, continue to drive to the gate. Press the call for assistance button and notify the attendant you are going to Macht Medical Group & Harbor Physical Therapy. The garage will always save spots for our patients.

Please click on the map below for specific directions from your location to the Harbor Court garage.

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