Personal Injury Services

Macht Medical Group specializes in treating personal injury cases. A personal injury case includes work injuries, automobile accidents, slip and fall injuries, and or miscellaneous injuries. Our physical therapy team is trained to deal with all levels of injuries associated with personal injury accidents. If you do not have a physician, Harbor Physical Therapy has physicians on-site to oversee your treatment.

Macht Medical Group has physicians, x-ray facility, and physical therapy facility at the same location. After an accident, the benefit of receiving your medical treatment at one facility are convenience of care and no wait time for physician appointment if needing a change in prescription or referral. The benefit of receiving your treatment at Macht Medical Group is we offer one-on-one quality care catered to your specific treatment needs.

Our staff has vast experience in dealing with legal entities and insurance companies in regards to personal injury cases. Our staff will be forwarding all your medical documentation to the correct legal parties to ensure the promptness of legal proceedings.

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