How to Decrease Strain on Your Back While Driving

Sitting for a long period of time can put a strain on your back causing lower back pain. Listed below are some tips to reduce strain on your back while driving.

1. Avoid driving for more than 2 hours. Get out and walk around and stretch your legs.
2. Adjust your seat from time to time.
3. Use a lumbar support or seat cushion.
4. Short drivers can purchase a pedal extension to improve their sitting posture.
5. Use cruise control.
6. Move your seat up to avoid slouching.
7. Heat your seat to provide warmth to your muscles.
8. Ice your back when you get to your destination.

Tips to Reduce Back Pain While Driving

Most car manufacturers develop their seating options based on the aesthetics of the car versus the comfort of the driver and passenger.  Back pain can develop or increase from improper seating posture while driving.  Finding the correct seating setting is beneficial, especially for people that drive as an occupation. Therefore, listed below are some tips to reduce back pain while driving.

  1. Avoid driving for more than 2 hours at a time. Get out of the car, walk, and stretch your legs.
  2. Sit with your bottom all way back in the seat and use the vehicles built in lumbar support to provide cushion to your lumbar spine. If you don’t have a lumbar support, roll up a towel and place it in the curve of your low back.
  3. The back rest should have about a 10-15 degree incline. Most people tend to have the back rest too far tilted backward.
  4. Your knees should have about a 45 degree bend. You don’t want your legs so straight that you are reaching for the pedals. It you are short, some dealerships sell pedal extensions.
  5. Use cruise control while on long highway driving.
  6. Try to maintain good posture, and make sure you have good visibility with your mirrors.
  7. Take the wallet out of your back pocket and avoid wearing a tight belt. This can add pressure to the back.
  8. For long car trips, adjust your seat every 30 minutes. To prevent constant pressure on the same areas on your body, slightly adjust the backrest angle.