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Please read below for more information on these services and should you have any questions, email . To schedule your wellness appointment, call us at (443) 524-0442.

**Please note, wellness services are not covered through health insurance. Wellness service fees are due before services are rendered.**

Physical Therapy LED Personal Training

We offer personal training services to previous patients of Harbor Physical Therapy and people in the community. The benefit of receiving personal training at Harbor Physical Therapy is personal training is led by licensed physical therapists. The benefit of physical therapists leading personal training is the therapists are trained to design and safely implement a workout to meet your fitness goals taking into account your past medical history. This is beneficial for an individual who is reluctant to begin exercising on their own because of a previous injury and or someone that needs guidance on how to achieve their fitness goals.

45-Minute Personal Training 

  • One session- $60
  • 5 Sessions- $290
  • 10 Sessions (+1 free)- $600
  • 15 Sessions (+2 free)- $900

@HOME Personalized Exercise Program

In addition to personal training services on location at Harbor Physical Therapy, we offer a personalized home exercise program created by our licensed physical therapists based on your exercise goals. This program can be created by either speaking to our physical therapists on the phone, through email, virtually, or in-person. Once the therapist learns your specific fitness goals and past medical history, an exercise program will be created. The program will include pictures with descriptions of all the exercises. The program will be emailed or mailed to you and the physical therapists will educate you on proper form and progression of the exercises.

  • Initial Home Exercise Program- $50
  • Follow-up Home Exercise Program- $30


A Running Assessment is for any novice or expert runner that continues to have difficulty meeting their running goals due to injury or a runner that wants to prevent the likelihood of future injury.

A licensed physical therapist will assess your running gait on a treadmill. The physical therapist is looking for any upper body and or lower body deviations that can be caused by muscle weakness, decreased joint motion, lack of flexibility, and or lack of stability. The running is videoed so the runner can observe their specific deviations. From there, the physical therapist will further assess the area of deviation and prescribe specific tailored exercises to correct it.

Running Assessment pricing:

  • Initial Running Assessment- $130
  • Follow-up Running Assessment- $100


Our licensed physical therapists provide therapeutic massage/manual therapy to a specific area of the body that continues to have pain and or muscle tightness. This is beneficial to previous patients of Harbor Physical Therapy that need further attention to a specific area after being discharged from physical therapy. This is also a wonderful service for anyone in the community that has a specific body area that needs manual therapy.

Please refer below for duration of therapeutic massage/manual therapy options and fees:

  • 15 minute massage/manual therapy (only for one area of the body)- $35
  • 30 minute massage/manual therapy (up to two areas of the body)- $60

**Please note, a massage/manual therapy session includes a heat or cold treatment at the discretion of the treating physical therapist.**


Dry needling is beneficial to anyone suffering from constant pain and tightness at a specific location within a muscle (trigger point). Dr. Mollye Blaxbergis a certified Myofascial Trigger Point Specialist at Harbor Physical Therapy.  During the session, Dr. Mollye will perform a dry needling assessment, dry needling, and exercise/modality application as warranted by patient presentation.

  • Dry needling session- $60